Deloitte Vietnam - Secretary to Korean Client Services Group
Job Description

Key Accountabilities
Responsible for tasks/plans/programs within assignment scope as an assistant, under direction, management and supervision of the Korean Client Services Group Managers/Directors
1. Acting and supporting day-to-day administrative work
2. Setting up and coordinating meetings/events
3. Being responsible for logistics arrangement for the Korean Client Services Group expatriates (KSG)
4. Managing and updating clients' portfolio for KSG
5. Reporting and supporting in preparation of contracts/proposals for KSG
6. Assist in preparing marketing and meeting/training materials for KSG
7. Document translation
8. Other duties as assigned by the KSG Team leader
Job Requirements:
1. Good command of Korean.
2. Good command of English and/or business/economics background is preferable.
3. A minimum 2 years of relevant experience.
4. Strong communication, team work ability and works independently.

If you are interested in the position, kindly send your CV in English to Ms. Trang Phung at email trangphung@deloitte.com. Thank you.